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City Waste is a Family-owned company located in the United Kingdom. We are proudly serving individuals and businesses in and around London and its surrounding areas. We are helping with their commercial waste, computers and electronics waste, domestic waste, garden clearance, cleaning services and more.

City Waste

Corporate Services

Guaranteed that all of your universal waste management is performed safely and responsibly.

Convenient Pickup

We offer business pickup services to safely recycle your electronics in a safe manner.

E-waste Events

We work with non-profits, businesses, and other organizations to host community e-waste events.

Our Mission

About us

About us

City Waste is London's most respectable and environment-friendly establishment of waste management. We have been running this company for a very long period and have been serving London with pride. Our mission is to be confident our customers feel satisfied with our job on every issue. Our three main concerns about our company is our customers, our employees and also the most important is our environment.

We Possess a wide selection of waste removal transportation that comes with affordable pricing. So you won't feel any burden on your pocket picking us to serve you. We serve every industry as our primary motive is to maintain and keep London clean.

Our worth:

  • Desire: To function London together with the best service.
  • Quality: The best in town.
  • Honesty: We always speak the truth

Pride: We will always provide London with our best service.

Our mission and vision:

Our Mission is to change the concept of waste management into something contemporary. We know that this is something coming from the past. Let us beat this trend, as today waste has increased to a high degree. Some people need us at every level whether its a matter of an industry or it publicly. We are apt to offer the best at every stage to our customers and also to the environment. We want to keep the London clean from every garbage, and that's what each citizen of London should do. So, we're here to assist you in this fantastic deed, wherever you're, regardless of what is the load choose us and we'll never let you down.

Our focus:

Our Focus is to present the very best quality to our clients at an affordable rate. If the individuals are having issues with our rate, we can negotiate with these as we would like to see our clients happy living in a healthy and clean environment.

Our Strength is our prospective clients who've not let us down. We are in this Position today for you. From the positive feedback, We've enhanced Ourselves have become one of the most efficient and effective waste Management firm of London that never let's

Surprisingly, some people are still thinking about burning or combusting waste even though it’s bad for the environment and extremely expensive. At City Waste we recycle on average 89% of all the waste we pick up. We do not believe landfills or burning is good for our planet and environment. We work with many recycling firms to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly way.
City Waste recognises that waste management, renewable energy, food, and security are industries that are central to sustainable development and secure societies. We will seek to meet this challenge in innovative ways that make good business sense whilst reducing environmental impacts and increasing regional and national self-sufficiency in these key areas.
At City Waste we want to provide an exemplary waste and recycling service for your business or personal needs which is flexible, reliable and ethical.


What Clients Say

City Waste is a London Waste disposal company that helps individuals and businesses with ant type of rubbish removal.