Deck demolition


Dismantling/ removals of:

Bathroom, Old Kitchen, Bed frames, Wardrobes or other larger appliances

Our residential demolition and dismantling/removals service includes:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Cabinet/Wardrobe
  • Deck & Patio
  • Shed
  • Cabinet/Wardrobe
  • Playset (Indoor/outdoor

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Dismantling and waste removal London

We Talk Any Rubbish offer a detailed dismantle and removal service, perfect for everything from old kitchens to old sheds and so much more.
Should you need your shelves or shed dismantling, we could provide you with a quote.  Substances will be appropriately dealt with, disposed of at a local landfill or delivered to recycling. We will collect and dispose of residential and commercial waste economically and ethically. To make sure that as little as possible does to the landfill, we continually recycle or salvage anything we can.

Our expert team can visit your premises and securely dismantle the unwanted thing and take it away, making sure that we cause minimal disturbance to your house or business premises.

Whether you're moving house and will need to take apart your furniture ready for packaging, or you have an old cabinet that you need dismantling, recycled and removed. Trust the job to a professional and highly skilled professional for a fantastic outcome.

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Dismantling service London

At City Waste we have the tools and knowledge to dismantle anything. If you need an old Kitchen removed before you fit a new one we can help. We are the only Service in London that can assist you We will visit you're home or a business and get to work on demolishing and removing everything from boilers to Bathrooms or Kitchens. Feal safe in the knowledge that City Waste will be on hand to help with any dismantling job in London. A quick call to City Waste on  07507 087253  for a free quote.

Dismantle all of your furniture and flat-pack items.

Why Dismantle Furniture From The First Place?
It is reasonable to dismantle your furniture prior to the home move. As well as being easier to load, flat pack furniture saves a tonne of space. Finally, that will mean a bigger van or even fewer trips across London to the new house, saving you money.

Avoid Those Scuffs!

If it comes to bulky things then each centimetre counts. Having your sofas, desks and wardrobes disassembled ensures that they fit through narrow doors, nor scratch walls as they're carted through the house. Obviously, we are going to be doing the loading so you can guarantee a scuff-free environment!

Sounds Fantastic! But Why Hire a Specialist?

Transferring is feverish, but you can offset some of that stress by providing us with the boring jobs. Prevent scrabbling around on your hands and knees and allow the experts dismantle your items. Your actions are our job, and we're very proud of what we do!

Think of All of the time you can save by not needing to dismantle these things:

  • Bed frames, bunk beds and cots
  • Wardrobes, chests of drawers and dressing table tables
  • Filing cabinets, swivel chairs and home office gear
  • Shelving units and display cabinets
  • Sheds, greenhouses and summer homes
  • Safety For The Furniture

We have dismantled hundreds of different types of furniture - your versions included. That means we know what we're doing, and we'll take your things apart with no danger of breakages, losing screws or splitting wood. We'll also maintain a cool mind, and that means you won't see any of these normal flat-pack furniture tantrums!

Our furniture disassembly service could be arranged in conjunction with our home and office removal services. We also offer to dismantle as a standalone service. If you reside in London and would like someone to pop in for a single thing, we can manage that. In any event, get in touch and we'll be sure you're taken care of!

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Do you need something dismantled destroyed and removed from your work or home? City Waste will dismantle and remove anything needed. including sheds, beds or other furniture.