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Professional Cleaning Service

Professional business and private household cleaning. We do carpet, windows, pressure washing etc.

Whether your property needs a quick clear up or a full deep clean after building work, we can ensure your premises are shining from top to bottom.

Most clients have certain worries when it comes to hiring a new cleaner. You may wonder if it is safe to let a new person in your home, you may worry if you can grant the cleaner with a set of keys for your place, as well as if it is safe to leave a cleaner in your home whilst you are at work. Or maybe the costs involved in hiring cleaner’s troubles you.

Your worries should stop right here. Hiring a cleaner through a City Waste has its benefits and offers you the extra reassurances that you need. We undertake rigorous checks to make sure that all personnel have the right to live and work in the country. We take reference from at least 2 previous employers. They are both trustworthy and highly reliable. All newcomers, no matter what their cleaning experience is, are enrolled in our training programme, as we want to ensure that their standard of cleaning meets our high expectations.

Our after builders cleaning service includes:

  • Removing rubbish left behind by builders
  • Removing dirt and building dust
  • Professionally cleaning all floors and carpets
  • Professional window sill, window frame and window cleaning
  • Cleaning skirting boards, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches and sockets
  • Cleaning walls and ceilings
  • Deep cleaning kitchen, bedroom, living room, common areas
  • Cleaning furniture and cupboards both inside and out
  • Descaling any bathroom or kitchen tiles, polishing all surfaces
  • Cleaning toilets and sinks

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Regular Cleanup

Book regular cleaning service in London with a REAL professional Enjoy a sparkling clean house without feeling stressed out

Living room: Dust all decorations, polish the interior side of windows, vacuum and mop the floor, wipe all skirting boards & furniture, and empty the bins;
Kitchen: Wash the dishes, then wax and wipe all surfaces, clean the ground, and polish the inside of microwaves, ovens, extractors, hot dishes, fridges, and other appliances;
Hallway: Spray all pictures and light switches in sight, eliminate dust from furniture, wash the floor, wipe the walls, and refresh front doorway;
Bedroom: Clean and polish all surfaces, alter the bedding, and dust the bed frame, wipe the window blinds, clean all doors and handles, and refresh the floor;
Toilet: Clean the bathroom sink and taps, polish all tiles wash the bath and the shower cabin, wipe out the bathroom radiator, and disinfect the toilet bowl. Book an appointment 

Additional jobs compleated upon request

For your complete relaxation, our routine cleaning services from London also include a list of extra tasks your maid can perform for you. Other similar tasks include polishing of silverware, watering the crops, doing laundry and pruning, as well as feeding your pets.

But, keep in mind this extra assortment of services doesn't include demanding tasks, such as cleaning outside areas, looking after children or cooking meals.

One-Off Cleaning

One-off deep cleaning service in London performed by experts. Get your house sparkling clean with us. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathroom tiles... You name it -- we clean it

Professional outcomes by professional cleaners. Follow your custom cleaning checklist for A simple and hassle-free service. Stains beware, for you'll vanish into thin air transforming your property into a neat and clean one may be achieved in four simple steps:

  • 1: Utilize our user-friendly booking form or our phone to reserve an appointment online for a day and time that best fit your needs.
  • 2: The experts will inspect your premises and return to cleaning. In case the team thinks that time is insufficient, they will notify you on-site.
  • 3: The spring cleaning crew will utilize a custom-tailored checklist to refresh your property one room after another thoroughly.
  • 4: After your one-off session finishes, the specialists will ask for your feedback and will then leave, leaving you with a totally refreshed property.

Depending on your tastes, your one-off national cleaning session may cover the entire property or concentrate on a specific place, such as your bathroom and kitchen, and offer: The magic behind one-time house cleaning showed. If you prefer, the cleansers may use the equipment that is currently present at your premises. In case you don't have the necessary tools or our team to bring their own, they can do so for an additional fee.

End of tenancy cleaning

Just relax and let's get that tenancy deposit back for you expert End of Tenancy Cleaning for all types of rental properties

  • Free re-clean over 72 hours if needed
  • Short-notice bookings available
  • Following checklist approved by estate agencies
  • Deep oven cleaning, gear, and detergents included

What does the moving out cleaning support include

We will send a team of guaranteed and completely equipped cleaning technicians into the address. They'll work for as many hours as required, after a comprehensive checklist of priority areas. Of course, if you have some particular requests or instructions, just let us know beforehand, and the staff will address the rest. Here are some of the benefits our service provides:

  • A team of cleaners - your tenancy cleaning service is going to be finished by fully equipped & insured technicians.
  • Working as several hours as needed - this support is not hourly based.
  • The technicians will operate until the property is clean and in the most presentable state.
  • Particular detergents - that the tenancy cleaners utilise professional products (not commercially available) from top UK providers, to achieve maximum results.
  • All detachable areas of the cooker are all eliminated so the technician will be able to wash even those hard-to-reach regions of the appliance. In the meantime, the removed components are set in a dip tank full of a mighty cleaning solution, so to eradicate even the most hardened carbon residue and grease.
  • Key pick up upon request- to facilitate both landlords and tenants, the cleansers can pick up the keys from somewhere close to you.

After Builders Cleaning

Removing the dust from every corner and cranny After Builders Cleaning to revive your healthy home. This service is specially invented to take care of the mess that's left after renovation job. Especially if You've been doing some of these:

  • Preventing as numerous cleaners are needed
  • Using specialised equipment and detergents
  • Restoring the healthful environment of the house
  • When to book after building cleaning solutions?

Be it a simple refreshing of this place or some severe overhaul; there's always a certain degree of dust and debris left behind. Not to mention those lingering paint, varnish and plaster splashes that harden and are hard to deal with. So, just reserve your post construction cleaning service online and let the experts manage the situation. We'll send as many experts as required to finish the job. They'll come fully equipped and prepared to restore the living conditions at your place.

What's the after builders cleaning?

The cleaners deliver their own gear and detergents to complete the service. Professional industrial-grade cleaning machines are used for various surfaces and floors. Stains from renovation materials, such as paint and plaster, are removed with the help of specialised detergents that can dissolve them. The windows have been cleaned from the interior, and the whole house has hovered at least twice for best results. Some floors might be mopped if necessary, while surfaces and woodwork are polished.

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Please note: Depending on the number of hours you have booked, some of the prioritised tasks above might not be completed due to insufficient time. Additionally, you either must offer your regular cleaner with cleaning and detergents gear or ask for them to deliver what's necessary.

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Cleaning service London - City Waste Professional Cleaning Service - Professional business and private household cleaning. We do carpet, windows, pressure washing etc. Whether your property needs a quick clear up or a full deep clean after building work, we can ensure your premises are shining from top to bottom.