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City Waste is a London based commercial waste removal expert that provides you with an easy and straightforward to use waste removal solutions. Our Waste disposal is carried out to a high standard, and this gives you with the opportunity to get on with your daily life. We can provide the perfect solution for different types of commercial waste. If it's a workplace clearance or confidential document destruction you may be sure that City Waste delivers the results you were expecting. Call City Waste today on 07507 087253

Our London commercial waste removal team specialise in servicing several different commercial premises.

Pick from a Wide Selection of commercial rubbish collections:

  • Office Clearance

Do you need junk or rubbish clearance for your office? We can help and will be the best solution to clearing out unwanted things from your workplace.

  • Electronic Recycling

The most environmentally friendly way of treating waste.

  • Confidential Document Destruction

A secure, safe and efficient way of destroying sensitive information.

  • White Goods Disposal By City Waste

We remove all White goods including washing machines, fridges, freezers or any other white items that are found in the Kitchen.

Hotel Rubbish Clearance

Operating a resort is not all glitz and glamour. Countless guests, dozens of workers, in addition to restaurants, bars and leisure centres can create a good deal of excess waste daily. We are aware that the hospitality sector is all about aesthetics and having a problem with waste disposal can undoubtedly knock a resort's reputation. It's vital to locate a dependable, consistent solution which you can call upon whenever you need. Fortunately, we've got that very solution.

At City Waste we pride ourselves on offering a professional, reliable and stress-free solution to the issues posed by hotel waste clearances. We save you two of the most precious assets. "Time and money" so that you can get on with the daily running of your leisure establishment.

Warehouse Waste Clearance

Some jobs are more monumental than others -- and do not we know it! Clearing out a warehouse isn't always an easy task. But someone's got to get it done, and that someone is City Waste. We provide a specialist warehouse clearance service tailor-made to the particular requirements of your company. We clear warehouses throughout the London area with a cost-effective service which gets the job done fast, efficiently and on time without fuss, hassle or distraction from the everyday operations.

For many businesses, the idea of clearing out a warehouse poses real challenges and challenges. At City Waste we deal with such matters on a regular basis, and as such we know how to get the work done most effectively and efficiently. This allows you to enjoy a clutter-free space whenever possible.

Shop Clearance

Our specialists are here to provide a guaranteed prompt service using a committed, dependable team. Using a professional perspective to turn up as and when you have to find the job done with no fuss.

Our shop waste clearance service is intended to be flexible and adaptable. Whether you will find real-time constraints in your waste removal endeavour, or if your loading bay is one of the weakest roads in the funding. We could look after your needs in a timely and efficient way. We also understand that waste may have to be cleared away in a time that's convenient to your business. Which is why we work with you and never disappoint.


  • Our team are friendly and professional
  • Waste removal from wherever it’s located
  • We clean the place FREE OF CHARGE
  • Simple invoicing - You only pay for what we take away
  • We believe in a greener world, and recycle what we take away

Commercial Waste Disposal

The environment is always at the forefront of what we do. And you may rely on us to provide an environmentally friendly alternative for your commercial waste needs. We recycle where possible and dispose of your waste sensibly.

To get a friendly and hassle-free waste clearance service we are just a phone call away 07507 087253. Telephone a member of our customer services team today!

We supply Waste Management, Waste Collection and Recycling services in London. Assisting all businesses and companies streamline their waste processes.

  • Reliability: Count on us to get everything operating smoothly -- reliable collections ensured
  • Pricing: Our enormous neighbourhood coverage and busy routes mean our waste collection cost is lower than anyone else
  • Best Prices: If you are a business in London, we're a waste services company that provides low-cost trade waste solutions throughout your area

As laid out in Dispose of business or commercial waste the UK government lays out your responsibilities as a business. You need to arrange waste collections for the most rubbish you accumulate. Call today on 07507 087253. and let us show you how much you can save all kinds of refuse. Including confidential waste, industrial waste and catering waste. Whatever your organisation's requirements. We can help you decrease landfill, increase recycling levels, and save your company money.

Why use a Commercial Waste Disposal expert like City Waste?

London is the biggest town in Britain and Europe and is the capital of England. It's the heart of opportunity; generating a great deal of business and tourism. The area covers approximately 620 square miles. And contains a population of more than 8 million taxpayers. Regardless of the significant pull to see or work within London City, waste management is a massive topic which needs to be considered.

It's been reported that the amount of waste the region currently disposes of could power over two million homes. The majority of the waste is thrown into landfill or incinerated, causing a great deal of damage to the surrounding areas. The present methods of disposal and recycling are expected to be debated hotly in 2018. On account of the accelerated development of the populace and the decline of public funding. This is resulting in waste becoming a much higher difficulty.

How we can help

For many businesses, the disposal of waste may be a time-consuming inconvenience. However, the amount of companies in London who ignore the way their waste is handled causes an environmental impact which has to be resolved. City Waste takes the duty from your hands, let us assist you. Not only will you make substantial financial savings, but you will also do your bit for the environment.

How we could assist with London Recycling

We are one of the UK's cheapest and most reliable waste management businesses. Which means we provide exceptional local services at prices that are unbeatable, whatever your company needs we can help. All this just one phone call away.

Contact us today for:

  • Regular and dependable waste services throughout all London districts
  • Regular bin collections for glass, paper, catering waste, toxic waste
  • Specialist waste and recycling solutions for all kinds of companies.

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City waste helps with all types of commercial waste in London. We work with Hotels, Estate Agents, Builders, Property Maintenance, and anyone that needs to clear rubbish.