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Hard Drive, Flash Drive & SSD Destruction
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Data destruction

Confidential data stored on hard drives, flash drives (memory sticks) and optical disks (CD’s & DVD’s) is a prime target for thieves. And simply deleting the files – or even formatting a disk – isn’t enough to guarantee that data will be properly wiped out.

Hard drive (HDD) destruction

The data on a single hard drive, when printed out, could cover ten football pitches. Imagine what could happen if a drive full of confidential customer or company data fell into the wrong hands. Call City Waste on 07459 430918 

Whether you throw it away or let it lie forgotten in deep storage, a hard drive you no longer use is a data-loss timebomb just waiting to go off. The safest course by far is to destroy it completely. It’s a step many people overlook, Wiping the Data clean yourself is an option. But the only way you can be sure that the data can’t be retrieved by fraudsters or identity thieves is to destroy it.

We can securely shred hard drives of all types. If you choose our mobile shredding service, we can come to your premises and destroy your drives as you watch. Alternatively, we can collect them and shred them at our own state-of-the-art plants.

You can have the drives shredded into 16mm fragments either onsite or offsite. Choose offsite shredding at our secure premises and we can grind your hard drives right down to dust for 100% peace of mind.

We record the serial number of every item destroyed, issue you with a Certificate of Destruction and send all suitable materials for recycling or incineration.

Digital media destruction

We can securely destroy any media that contains (or once contained) confidential data. That includes backup and audio tapes, optical disks (CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs), flash drives (memory sticks), SD cards and more.

Just as with hard drives, we can come to your premises or bring your digital media to our own plant for destruction.

All resulting material is sent to an Energy from Waste Plant, where it is incinerated to generate electricity that powers homes across the UK. If you need any assistance Call City Waste on 07459 430918

  • Off Site Shredding Collection of your confidential data on our secure vans.

    The vans are unloaded at our secure shredding depot where shredding takes place by our state-of-the-art shredding machines.
  • One-Off Shredding Service

    Having a home or office clear out and just need a one-off collection and shredding of confidential documentation? We can help.
  • Regular Shredding Services

    Need your confidential documentation collecting and shredding on a frequent basis? We offer flexible, tailored services to meet your requirements.

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City Waste can deal with all your IT disposals securely

Companies that are storing and utilising vast amounts of data are discovering strong state drives (SSDs) enticing as an alternative to conventional, electromechanical disks. These new, efficient drives employ memory chips instead of spinning platters to store info. There are no moving parts to the SSD drive, and are smaller, last longer, and also consume less energy.

A couple of weeks ago, we were approached by our customers to help them create a solution for us to rigorously ruin their old drives that have failed or have been decommissioned. We recognised the challenge and here is what we found out concerning the destruction of solid state drives:

SSD disposal the safest way

1. Degaussing will not work. A bootable driveway uses integrated circuit assemblies to save information, unlike traditional hard disk drives. The info on SSDs is virtually unaffected by the technique of degaussing. Though degaussing is the complete best practice for conventional hard drives, it erases data by reducing or removing the undesirable magnetic field (information). Because SSDs do not store data magnetically, they're not able to be safely destroyed via conventional methods.

2. Shred particle size is also crucial. The ideal practice to ruin a solid state drive is through hard disk shredding. Ordinarily, a shred breadth of 1/2" or smaller is required to crack through the little memory processors and safely obliterate the information. Many standard industrial shredders will shred into 1" particle dimensions, thus allowing the memory processors to slip through the hammers that shred the information, leaving sensitive data intact. When destroying SSDs, a consciousness of the right shred width differentiation to split through the memory chips is crucial.

3. Trackable inventory is essential. From the cradle to the grave, the direction of IT assets takes a leak-proof system that accounts for the location and status of every asset. With an auditable, trackable, and accurate inventory record of each ruined SSD, accountability and risk are considerably lessened. If you've got sensitive data and want assurance that it is gone for good with all the right documentation isn't only reassurance, but can also save you from damages in case of a breach.


The modernity of the technology has sparked the need for innovation in responsible and safe disposal for SSDs. Knowledge of the best practices when it gets to the last 100 yards of an IT asset's end-of-life is crucial to managing risk. With solid-state drives, always ensure that your in-house solution or current seller is utilising the correct shredder to guarantee physical destruction of this data. The development of drives that are cloned is why City Waste has spent in the necessary technology to dispose of them properly.

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